Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Worship Study Group

Jubilee Church has begun a new initiative called the worship study group. This initiative began because of a conundrum. We are aware of the excellent resources available online at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship website. However, the tons of articles, podcasts, videos and links are just too immense for any person to swallow. Therefore, I gathered a group of like-minded leaders of the worship ministry in Jubilee to do a monthly study of the resources there. Before a gathering, I will assign 4-5 readings (links to the website) to members of the group. They will have to prepare a 10-15 min presentation at the gathering. Then, we will have a short discussion and we will decide how best to practically implement the ideas from the readings. It is a very pragmatic form of learning and we hope to finish the project in 5 years. The reason of this deadline is because Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has divided their resources into 10 core convictions. It is my desire to pace ourselves properly through this prodigious workload and finish a core conviction every half year.

This is the report on our first meeting posted at the church website. It is a summary of what we have read and our implementation plans.


blogpastor said...

Allow me to use the American exclamaition: "Awesome!".

SHWong said...

Thanks! The internet bridges all of us closer.