Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rules of Life V

Partnership Rules

51 Accept the differences, embrace what you have in common
Richard Templar says that we as humans have more in common than in differences. That's certainly true, but it is so easy to forget that. As humans, we tend to focus on the differences, and that's another thing we humans have in common.
52 Allow your partner the space to be themselves
I think I do have this allowance to be myself. My wife wants to be a Tai Tai. Sorry dear.
53 Be nice
Yes. It's not so hard, is it?
54 You want to do what?
This Rule is about being willing to let your partner try crazy things. Neither my wife nor I are that type though.
55 Be the first to say sorry
It's always me so far.
56 Go that extra step in trying to please them
This is sorely lacking for me. Extra step takes effort. Got to put in more attention to this.
57 Always have someone – or something – that is pleased to see you
58 Know when to listen and when to act
I don't mind listening. But I prefer my wife to turn that into action (do something about it). My wife actually acts (by giving her opinion) more than she listens, but I prefer that.
59 Have a passion for your life together
We are improving on this, I think. I feel this one grew over time for me.
60 Make sure your love making is making love
61 Keep talking
Yes. No silent treatment please.
62 Respect privacy
No problems in this as well.
63 Check you both have the same shared goals
I've checked this. Our goals are still mutually updated. We will retire at 50+ and go into freelance/volunteer work together.
64 Treat your partner better than your best friend
Yes. I guess I'm well-trained by my wife on this.
65 Contentment is a high aim
This one is funny. Richard Templar says that most people just want to be happy, without realising that being happy is one of the impossible goals of life. Contentment is good and hard enough.
66 You don’t both have to have the same rules
I see.

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