Monday, January 04, 2010

Review: Rules of Life I

I'm currently reading Richard Templar's Rules of Life. I usually only give my thoughts at the end of the book, but this one has 100 rules and I'm afraid I might lose my thoughts at the end of everything. I am deliberately pacing myself, so I will only cover 10 rules a day to allow more them for reflection.

Rules for You

1 Keep it under your hat
- This one may be too hard for me. I guess the point is not to be bragging about it. But I'm the educator type.
2 You’ll get older but not necessarily wiser
- This one is very insightful. You don't make fewer mistakes in life as you get older. You learn how to get out of them with less damage.
3 Accept what is done is done
- Yes. I'm halfway there.
4 Accept yourself
- This one is practically my motto of life.
5 Know what counts and what doesn’t
- Yes, this one almost complete.
6 Dedicate your life to something
- This one too. I think I will die happy knowing that I've accomplish this.
7 Be flexible in your thinking
- I don't know about this. I feel I'm flexible, but it is better to let others judge about this.
8 Take an interest in the outside world
- This one is a recent development for me after I ventured into BGG-RSP. I think I'll say that I'm almost complete on this one too.
9 Be on the side of the angels, not the beasts
- I failed this rule the most. I cannot shake off my beastly side. I get angry too often. Looks like a personal development project for this year.
10 Only dead fish swim with the stream
- Yes. Almost complete.

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