Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rules of Life III

I tried to finish 15 rules this time to catch up with my schedule (of 10 per day), but I am so exhausted, I could only do 13.

16 Change what you can change, let go of the rest
This is a rule that is seriously unappreciated by many. I commented to my wife upon reading this that I now understand why I am happy and some of my friends are not. I abide by many of these rules, while many of them always live in the past or find faults in life. I am able to tell what is within my control and therefore I am much happier.
17 Aim to be the very best at everything you do – not second best
This is definitely not me. I am an Aristotle not a Plato. But Templar is talking about setting the best realistic target. Still, how can anyone know what is the limit for "best"?
18 Don’t be afraid to dream
Yes. I am not afraid.
19 Don’t dwell on the past
Tough on this one. Like I said earlier, I am trying my best. This one is a Rule for me and I am always mindful of it. It is just very difficult to control one's thoughts.
20 Don’t live in the future
Yes. I have only one problem with this. I really enjoy thinking about retirement. :)
21 Get on with life – it’s whooshing past
Yes, yes, yes! On my way!
22 Dress like today is important
Oh man, this is like the total opposite of me. I like being overlooked and underestimated. Well, no harm giving it a good try though.
23 Have a belief system
24 Have a little space for yourself each day
This one is the biggest surprise for me. I have never heard of this. You are supposed to have 10-30 min to yourself per day, DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Just enjoy your existence. Very interesting. I may just try it.
25 Have a plan
Yes. Very me.
26 Have a sense of humour
Yes. I could only wish that more people take this seriously, and stop taking themselves so seriously. Be serious about not taking yourself too seriously. Kind of ironic?
27 Choose how you make your bed
Yes. I have chosen, and I like it. :)
28 Life can be a bit like advertising
"Someone once said that half of the money he spent on advertising was wasted but he didn't know which half. His point was of course that if you can't tell which half, then you have to keep on doing the whole lot, fully aware that not all of it will produce rewards. Life is a bit like that." - Richard Templar
This is a really good way to look at life. I think it will help me also let go of my regrets. I am definitely going to apply this one.

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