Friday, January 15, 2010

Rules of Life VII

Only 2 blocks of rules left. Phew!

Social Rules

80 We’re all closer than you think
Again, stressing on commonalities.
81 It doesn’t hurt to forgive
Yes. Let go of your burdens. One of the best sermons of Pastor Wilson: Letting Go (of your emotional baggage)
82 It doesn’t hurt to be helpful
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
83 Take pride in what we do collectively
This is about thinking "we" instead of always being "this is bad" and "that is not perfect". It is a collective effort. This is way it is better to be a UPer. Be proud of what we have all gone through.
84 What’s in it for them?
This is a handy advice to look for for what motivates people. The reason is to always seek out win-win situations. Excellent rule of life!
85 Hang out with positive people
Yes! Be a UPer, stay with the UPers.
86 Be generous with your time and information
If only more people practice this. Most people prefer secrets, to my constant frustration.
87 Get involved
The more involved you are, the more you are a part of things. Instead of becoming a constant critic because you are on the outside.
88 Keep the moral high ground
Do the right thing.
89 Have a plan for your career
Not for me. I don't want a career.
90 Learn to see your community as part of a bigger picture
Yes. There is no Us vs. Them. It's sad really, to see all the divisions and narrow-mindedness in Christian communities.
91 Look at the long-term ramifications of what you do for a living
This is about ripples. I don't know why all that I've done have not paid off. There are just too much Downers and critics out there neutralizing my ripples. ARUGHH!
92 Be good at your job
Yes. My sincere hope. At least I know I'm trying my darnest.

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