Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rules of Life VI

Family and Friends Rules

67 If you are going to be a friend, be a good friend
I must say that I'm really a lousy friend. I know this because I am too passive in committing extra time or effort. I do have the minimum attributes of friendship. But I think it takes a lot more to be a "good friend". This is yet another target that I've to think about. I'm not sure if I can commit more to this.
68 Never be too busy for loved ones
This is yet another tough one. City life just zap all the time you can give. I have to cut off TV time.
69 Let your kids mess up for themselves – they don’t need any help from you
I must say that the parenting rules in this book are really well written. Richard Templar has a book just for Rules of Parenting. But I think one book from him is enough. Some things just have to be learn the hard way. And kids who receive knocks in life are better equipped when the going gets tough.
70 Have a little respect and forgiveness for your parents
This one is thankfully easy for me. My parents are not the best, but they are really good in my opinion.
71 Give your kids a break
The Bible talks about not frustrating your kids. I guess this is what it means. If you are too controlling, they become frightening zombies. I know because I've come across a few of these.
72 Never lend money unless you are prepared to write it off
Good advice. Hope it never comes to me. But seriously, when it comes to the close ones, money is no object.
73 There are no bad children
I do use the word "naughty" too often. I must learn to separate the behavior from the innate qualities of the child.
74 Be up around people you love
Yes! This is absolutely true. I hate downers. Be UP! This will radically transform your worldview.
75 Give your kids responsibilities
Yes. I will bear this one in mind as my kids grow up.
76 Your children need to fall out with you to leave home
This is a strange one for me. I guess it has to do with the West where the kids stay on their own from college onwards. It is considered a shame if you are living with your parents. I totally disagree with this Western mindset.
77 Your kid will have friends you don’t like
This is not yet happening to me. I guess I should be ready for this.
78 Your role as a child
79 Your role as a parent
These 2 are just the usual advice all lumped together.

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