Thursday, January 21, 2010

Words of Wisdom - A collection

Thinking about the Rules of Life made me think about my personal words of wisdom collected over the years. I started this blog to record my reflections of life. They come from my interaction with books, films, conversations and life events. Sometimes you thought something is really clever, but if you don't write it down somewhere, it gets forgotten really fast. The internet is a wonderful and convenient place to keep all these thoughts. Unfortunately, as I collate this collection of mine, I see that I've forgotten half of them. Some, I have not even practiced them well. This exercise is a good reminder to me. And I've added the latest WoW right at the very bottom.

WoW 1: Worship is done by the people.
WoW 2: Get the mission right and live with the pain.
WoW 3: I can do nothing but only through God.
WoW 4: Never lower the bar on your teachings
WoW 5: Keeping things in Perspective
WoW 6: A community defined by an event
WoW 7: The transient beauty of time
WoW 8: The importance of an Objective
WoW 9: To get a right relationship with God, get a right relationship with the Church.
WoW10: Things only start to change when you own the problem.
WoW11: Basic principle of life is to See through it and to See it through.
WoW12: The most profound truths are the most simply expressed.
WoW13: When it comes to describing religious lay people, all religions are the same.
WoW14: God is better than any alternative.
WoW15: There is a wealth of knowledge in all fields.
WoW16: Strength of message comes when you can combine vision and the heart.
WoW17: A people of power takes effort.
WoW18: Positive nagging is to be loved and feared.
WoW19: We must accept an existence of solitude.
WoW20: The resilience of nature is the expression of hope.
WoW21: Stand on the shoulders of giants to see further.
WoW22: Indirect communication hits harder.
WoW23: Fame has little to do with Content. It is Publicity.
WoW24: The inner world is bigger than the outer world.
WoW25: It's not how much you eat, but what you eat that matters.
WoW26: Sometimes you cannot see enrichment, you can only feel it.
WoW27: It is not the intensity or the competition that matters, true sportsmanship lies in finishing the race.
WoW28: Sermon is about Passion.
WoW29: It only takes a few seconds to make a day better, and a day to make a year better. Do it!
WoW30: Learn the very truth from the beginning, the unlearning later in life in not worth otherwise.
WoW31: Death is a life transforming concept.
WoW32: Sometimes human interaction is just self-fulfilling prophecy.
WoW33: Sometimes, the message is more compelling by being more descriptive than prescriptive. Let the facts speak for itself.
WoW34: A Worship team is like a sports team.
WoW35: Use teamwork to make up for your shortfall in gifts.
WoW36: There is no single person. The king must be the king for the kingdom.
WoW37: The key to understanding Acts is "theology interpreting history".
WoW38: Keep the question hanging there. The point will be driven through in the end.
WoW39: Take time to be polite. It beats the time spent repairing relationships.
WoW40: It is important to have good thoughts. It is more important to actually practice them.

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