Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rules of Life IV

I've finished the Rules of Life for the Self. These are my reflections for the rest of them.

29 Get used to stepping outside your comfort zone
This one is about stretching yourself. If you don't do that, you will be weak when changes come. Tough for me, but really part of my current job. SO I guess I am already in this rule whether I like it or not. Plus I do have the crazy habit of always giving impossible challenges to myself.
30 Learn to ask questions
Don't assume. The best relationship advice one can always give. And probably the one that is often unheeded.
31 Have dignity
Look dignified. This one is not a big deal for me. But I guess it is one of those things where you only feel the loss when you lose it.
32 It’s OK to feel big emotions
This is one of those rules where Richard Templar tells you that it's OK. Thanks!
33 Keep the faith
Amen for me. I won't be in this business of transformation if I don;t have faith.
34 You’ll never understand everything
This one is a timely advice for me. I keep feeling I have to know everything, and I guess Templar should tell me it's OK too for this one.
35 Know where true happiness comes from
This one is very insightful. He says that feelings is what you brought along in different situations. It is not inherent in the situations. Those feelings were caused by you and hence happiness comes from yourself.
36 Know when to let go – when to walk away
Yet another tough and sound advice. This one comes with life experiences. You cannot develop such wisdom and good judgment with some hard knocks in life.
37 Look after yourself
Health. Aurghh. Alright.
38 Maintain good manners in all things
Yes. No reason why we cannot be civil and polite.
39 Prune your stuff frequently
Get rid of your mess. This is one thing I've always fail to abide. I enjoy the luxury of this at home because my wife clears the old stuff for me. But my office is an epic fail.
40 Remember to touch base
Know the place where is your strength where you can restart if you need to. I need to start thinking about this as I venture forward.
41 Draw the lines around yourself
This Rule is really well written. My favorite paragraph:
"The more secure you become with your boundaries, the less power other people will have to affect you. The more clearly defined your boundaries, the more you realize that other people's stuff is more to do with them and less to do with you - you stop taking things so personally." - Richard Templar
42 Shop for quality, not price
This is sound advice I wish I learned earlier. I am a sucker for bargain, but settling for second best always comes back to bite you in the ass.
43 It’s OK to worry, or to know how not to
Richard Templar says that if you want to worry about something, then do something about that thing. If it does not lead to concrete action, quit worrying.
In the Sermon on the Mount, I've finally figured out Jesus' message. Jesus is saying that life should never be reduced into concerns about food and clothing. These are the concerns of pagans. Life should be a dedication to the kingdom of God. I think this is the true message of that passage.
44 Stay young
He means think young. Well, we'll see.
45 Throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work
But of course. Unfortunately, the Singapore government thinks otherwise. The emphasis of course in on the word always. Money does work quite often.
46 Think for yourself
Make your own judgment. Be your own person. That's me alright.
47 You are not in charge
I am not a control freak. :)
48 Have something in your life that takes you out of yourself
Something that lifts you out of all your concerns. For me, it is my wife. When the going gets tough, I think about her and I feel fine.
49 Only the good feel guilty
This is Templar telling you that it is OK to feel guilty. Just do something about it. Concrete stuff.
50 If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all
This is definitely not an issue for me. I always look at the good side of things and people. If only more people learn this one.

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