Monday, January 25, 2010

A long 2 seconds

Walking into the toilet, I noticed that one of the 2 cubicles was taken. So I went into the other one.

"Hello", came a voice from the other cubicle. After a quick pause, then another "Hello?". Awkward silence.

Things I immediately thought to myself.
1. Denial - Why is he calling out to me? Maybe it is not a genuine "Hello". He must have known that he is the only one in the toilet and he wants to know if there is anyone else out there. Maybe it is just a checking "Hello".

2. Anger - Why Me?!? Didn't this guy read Dave Barry on toilet etiquette? It is rude to talk in the toilet! This is why a church toilet is an oxymoron because an impersonal space is now in a personal environment.

3. Bargaining - Maybe I'll just give a cough in response. He doesn't know I'm a pastor and he won't think of it as an unfriendly slight. Maybe if I can finish my business before he exits. Maybe ... ...

4. Depression - What's the use? Why should I bother? A conversation in the toilet is doomed to failure. I am hopeless with anything.

5. Acceptance - I guess I'll just say Hello and see how it works out.

And then the guy starts talking a bunch of Hokkein. And I realize he is speaking on the phone. Seriously. Who calls others on the phone while in the toilet? What would the friend think when he hears a flush in the middle on the conversation?


blogpastor said...

LOL! Going through the stages of grief and dying in just 30 seconds.

SHWong said...

Conversations in the toilet are always awkward. ;)