Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worship study in Jubilee

I have previously talk about why we are doing a Worship Study 5-year project in Jubilee. You can read about the plan here in this previous entry. We are now almost half year through. For March, we had a general meeting with all who are involved in the worship ministry so that we may implement some of the ideas we talked about in Jan and Feb. Basically we will be doing an annual worship plan for the next liturgical year. From the next liturgical year onwards, there will be a comprehensive worship plan, collaborating the efforts from all quarters, from Call to worship till benediction, presenting a united message.

We also have worship study discussions in April and May. Their summary can be found here and here. For June, we will be setting up the worship resource library in Jubilee. That is one of the project discussed in Jan and we will be implementing that. I await with great eagerness.

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