Friday, May 21, 2010

If it is too good to be true,

... ... it probably is (not true). I'm slowly finishing my project on chinese poetry. And I came across this poem by 杜牧 named 江南春. The poem is as follows:

Though this may be a famous poem, I'm unfamiliar with it. But I was struck by the last three words "烟雨中". This is because those 3 words appeared in JJ Lin's popular song 江南. These are the last two lines of JJ's song:


It cannot be coincidence that those words appear in JJ's song lyrics. They are both talking about the beauty of JiangNan. Therefore I was surprised by the talent of JJ. Wow, he really knows his poetry! I immediately went online to verify this, since such talent would not go unnoticed.

As it turned it, it was too good to be true. 江南 is written by a very talented song writer named 李瑞洵. Her lyrical talent is indeed affirmed by the online community. This bit of poetic reference is intentional and very well-placed.

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