Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Year Resolutions (mid-year review)

It is time to review my New Year Resolutions before it is too late.

1. Guitar practice is still very bad. Blog discipline bad. I guess this is very far from "becoming a permanent discipline". Blog updating will be switched to a more realistic twice a week. And guitar, well, that will take real will power. My reading habit at home is pretty decent. I finished many graphic novels and quite a few self-help books. Kudos to myself.

2. I finished 2 books from my office. That's really lame effort. I will have to work hard on this.

3. Family Day. I remember the trips to Science Centre, Bird Park, and Discovery Centre. I remember a Toy Story movie trip. I'll count this as 50% success. I think I should work on this next and plan for the entire year.

4. Finishing the sermon one week in advance is overall a success. I count less than 5 last minute sermons. And I will be finishing the September ones early.

On the whole, it's not too bad. I should finish these resolutions pretty well by the end of the year.

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