Friday, August 20, 2010

Exegesis extrapolation or Application extrapolation?

I had a difference of opinion with a colleague about preaching. He commented that a sermon application of mine is a little beyond the passage (stretched an example too far). I commented that an exegesis of his is a little beyond the passage (stretched a point too far, a point not within the passage). He commented that that's what a sermon is supposed to do. I commented that mine is what a sermon should do.

Example: 1st Corinthian 13 (a famous passage about the importance of love in the use of spiritual gifts)

Preacher A: extends this concept of love to also include Forgiveness (in application), stretching "it keeps no record of wrongs"
Preacher B: extends this concept of love to also include the love relationship between Christ and the church, stretching this passage to link with chapter 12

Who is right?


blogpastor said...

What preacher A did is acceptable in my books but I think preacher B has stretched it too far.

SHWong said...

Exactly! Application has room for extrapolation, but exegesis should just stick to the text.