Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New area of ministry

Jubilee church has been ministering to our church members by four zones: Matthew (Central), Mark (West), Luke (North) and John (East). I have been taking care of the Mark zone for more than 5 years. In this time, I've acquainted myself with most of the members (about 100+ households) and bringing all the 6 cell groups into good health. I can't say that I've done a great job, but it is good enough for me not to feel guilty.

Starting this month, I will be taking on the Matthew zone that has been zone-pastorless since the departure of Pastor YC to missions last year. I took on this task for a few reasons:

1. While continuing with Mark zone will be a familiar ground for me, it would be unproductive for my growth. I need to know more people in church and moving on to Matthew zone will allow me to know a further 25% of the entire church in depth. In terms of exposure and ministry, it is a stretch and hence a growth.

2. My co-worker who is moving into zone ministry will be more suited for the Mark zone. It would be an easier transition for her because Mark zone is now well developed and organized after my ministry these years.

3. Meanwhile, the needs of the Matthew zone are getting serious. While it seems to be running fine for a while, the pastorless situation breeds discontent. And grievances are like bubbles in a heated pot of water. It's better to turn the heat down early before everything boils over.

Unfortunately for me, this is yet another new challenge in these few years. I am eager to continue the uphill run, but wary of a breakdown. I can feel myself getting tougher as I keep loading myself, but I can't confess the same growth psychologically. Still, I'm preparing myself as I keep tabs on my mental health. It's important that I maintain my joy of service and enthusiasm in my word. I hope this is a change for the better and it will be rewarded with blessings upon the people.


Sze Zeng said...

That's interesting, by dividing the zones by gospel titles.

May God's presence continue to be along and ahead of you in the Matthew zone.

SHWong said...

And also with you.