Sunday, February 28, 2010

"When in Rome" by Mari Evans

I read this poem at the end of my sermon, which is about the alienation experienced by the exiled Jews. My wife anticipate that most would not get it (the poem), but I thought it should be understood by more than half. Turns out my wife is right again. Darn.

Marrie dear

the box is full . . .
whatever you like
to eat . . .
(an egg
or soup
. . . there ain't no meat.)

there's endive there
cottage cheese . . .
(whew! if I had some
black-eyed peas. . . )

there's sardines
on the shelves
and such . . .
get my anchovies. . .
they cost
too much!
(me get the
anchovies indeed!
what she think, she got --
a bird to feed?)

there's plenty in there
o fill you up . . .
(yes'm. just the

Hope I lives till I get
I'm tired of eatin'
what they eats in Rome . . .)

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