Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recommendation: Copper

I got this link from the XKCD site. It links to the wonderful world of Copper. There you will find 41 top quality webcomic pages of Copper by Kazu Kibuishi. It is now in print and I hope to find it in Singapore stores one of these days.

This is the description on Amazon:
"Copper is curious, Fred is fearful. And together boy and dog are off on a series of adventures through marvelous worlds, powered by Copper's limitless enthusiasm and imagination.
Each Copper and Fred story in this graphic novel collection is a complete vignette, filled with richly detailed settings and told with a wry sense of humor. These two enormously likable characters build ships and planes to travel to surprising destinations and have a knack for getting into all sorts of odd situations.
Copper's good cheer always smoothes the way---and Fred can usually be won over if there's food involved."

I only needed to click one of the thumbnails to know that this is a highly gifted storyteller. The art is beautiful and each mini-story leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end. I finished all 41 of them at one go. I think you would too.

A good example:
Sometimes it pays to take things slow.

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