Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tired of Churchy and Christianish people

Tony Jones started a call-out to fellow Christians called Ending Christian Euphemisms. I wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments. I have never failed to roll my eyes (secretly) when I hear the statements like "This is not biblical" or "The Lord laid it on my heart". Seriously, do you need the extra divine support for your decisions? Can't we all just agree that I am as spiritual and biblically well versed as you are? It never fails to show that people using such statements are trying to one-up their arguments because they don't stand up to rational scrutiny by themselves. My advice to such folks:

1. I know the bible too. Obviously the reason we are arguing is because we hold different hermeneutical principles. So let's lay aside the pissing contest of who has better bible knowledge, and talk about the issue at hand.

2. Yes, you and God have a special relationship. Well, so do I. If God wants you to do something, it must have better reasons than a "just because". Let's hear that one, since it is much more verifiable.

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