Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How are you feeling today?

This was the ice-breaker for my cell tonight and a damn good one. I do assess my own feelings everyday. If I am feeling bad, I will try stuff that help alleviate stress. It is an important spot-check for me because my state of mind can easily affect others. If I am feeling down, my message is likely to be negative.

Fortunately, things are moving along fine in church despite a hectic schedule ahead. What always keeps me upbeat no matter the situation is if I know there are challenging tasks to come. I get motivated by learning and stretching myself. In the year ahead, two things stand out.

1. The project on Esther, including the apocrypha passages, looks daunting but very very unfamiliar. I like that feeling. Let's explore God in a new way.

2. A bunch of loving people is joining the church choir. I hope this can be a life giving love that continues to pay it forward. Time will tell.

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