Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Humor in the sermon

My latest message received favorable reviews because of its humorous quotient. In many ways, I do enjoy making people learn through laughter. It is a way to connect with people, and to hit them with truths when their "defenses" are down. But frankly I do have a problem with such sermons. The problem lies in the reality that most people enjoy low-brow humor, while I enjoy jokes that tickle at the intellect. A survey of the usual LiangZhiQiang fare will reflect this clearly. What's next?

I think the best way is to continue at the level of the audience and then progress higher from there. First create a culture that sermons can be "enjoyable" too. Then, improve the taste of the audience by exposing them more knowledge in which the deeper humor is dependent on. Lastly, do a bigger layup so that the punchline is expected.

"Humor is merely the Trojan Horse, so as to get in under people’s radar." - NT Wrong

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