Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are you an "Old Soul"?

I'm not sure when I first heard the term: old soul.

From Urban Dictionary: "A spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability. Basically, someone whom has more understanding of the world around them.

Some people even believe an old soul is a person whom has learned from past incarnations, or lives. They acquired certain knowledge from their past lives and apply it to their present life... thus gaining more wisdom than the average bloke. "

While I don't believe in reincarnations, I do think that people who reflect more about life, who relates more with older people and who has been through more suffering, reflects this "old soulness" in them. There is a strange pleasure in communication with such people. They "know" what is going on: what life is about.

Are you an "old soul"?

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