Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Down with the Flu

My nose is constantly stuck, though I'm thankful to Actifed that at least they are not running. This makes breathing difficult, and it seems to make me tired much more easily. This is compounded by the problem of not sleeping well because of the constant discomfort. I'm thinking of getting a flu jab soon.

This reminds me of a story. When I had my operation to correct my jaws, they bound my teeth together to fix the positions. Unfortunately, all the bleeding and sinus issues had led to a lethal combination of bloody blocked nose. So every breath of air required a tremendous amount of effort. These were my exact thoughts for every single seconds after I awaken from my operation:
"Should I take a long breath or 2 short breaths?"
"long breath or 2 short breaths?"
"Long breath or 2 short breaths?"
"What's that smell? I think the patient beside me just farted or pooped in his pants."
"God, I'm ready, take me away."
"long breath or 2 short breaths?"

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