Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Liturgical Arts in Worship

This is a continuation on the Worship Study Group that is ongoing at Jubilee. We have covered Worship and Teamwork, Worship and Hospitality and we now left 2 more sessions to Worship and Liturgical Arts.

This is how I have divided the topics:
January: Liturgical Arts and Art Teamwork
February: Liturgical Arts and Church Dynamics
March: Liturgical Arts and Architecture
April: Liturgical Arts and Technology (I)
May: Liturgical Arts and Technology (II)
June: Liturgical Arts and Children Participation

My reflection so far is that the discussions and sharing had been really fruitful. I look forward to a proper restructuring of the Church Environment Committee and a fruitful synergy of all the artistic talents of Jubilee for the glory of God.

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