Monday, May 09, 2011

My 2 cents on the election

I wanted to write a lot on my views about the election. But I read this from stillhaventfound and it more or less sums up my feelings. I highly recommend reading that.

The only point I wish to talk about is strategy. Of course hindsight is 20-20, but I just have these thoughts I had to express.

On the PAP side, they took a gamble and lost. I'm sure they had done their polls, and know that they were losing Aljunied before Nomination. That was the decision point. Should the PAP redeploy GY and give up Aljunied, or put up a fight but risk losing a core PAP leader? In the end, it was pride at work. There was no way for PAP to step away from the challenge, and that's the path they chose. It wasn't Aljunied who lost George Yeo, it was the PAP who voted against him.

On the WP side, it was a conservative shot, and hence the winnings was conservative. To be fair to them, it was courageous by historical standards and nobody who have been through the struggles through the decades would have dreamed any bigger. But it was conservative because Lim Swee Say and Raymond Lim was a low hanging fruit this time and that would not be the case next election. Mark my words, this would be a missed opportunity they will come to regret. Would they have overextended themselves by proclaiming similar ambitions for East Coast 2011?

On the NSP side, it is the opposite story. What's up with splitting the A-team from Reform? Jeanette+Nicole+Tony+Hazel would have routed MBT easily. Was it insecurity on Goh Meng Seng's side? Didn't he learn anything from WP while he was there? MBT was the pain for everyone, not George Yeo. If Goh Meng Seng had personally led the Reform-deserting A-team at Tampines, it would have been a real rejoicing for the opposition, and not this sour feeling everybody have, a victory tainted because the real culprit remains in office.

On Desmond Lim. I have no kind words to say.


blogpastor said...

I totally agree with your opinion on NSP tactics. It could have been better to field an A team at Tampines.

SHWong said...

At the very least, we won't be giving MBT "a strong mandate".

Anonymous said...

According to insider information, it was Hazel and Tony who have rejected the offer to stand in Tampines. GMS has done his part as SG to make such offer.

SHWong said...

Really? Ask any other man on the street, Gan Kim Yong and MBT are world's apart in popularity. GMS' first choice is right.