Monday, January 31, 2011

Belated New Year Resolutions and Year End Reflection

2011 just flew by and I barely noticed what happened before it's over.

1. We did 3 sermon series. The first is Esther. It is bold because we opened a giant can of worms and tackled the LXX additions. We also took the importunity to address key issues about source criticism, biblical literalness and bible versions. In reflection, it was perhaps too bold. I'm not sure if it results in a few departures from Jubilee. On the other hand, perhaps there will never be a good time. There will always be some unwilling to be more open-minded.
The second series is Malachi. I think this one went really well. We addressed many common misconceptions about tithing and divorce and came out relatively unscathed.
The third sermon series is 2 Corinthians. I will do a detailed analysis of this series in a future post.

2. Ministry. I changed zones mid-year. It is now a tough job of remembering names and rebuilding relationships. Very tough.
Youth teachings-wise, I did a series on the 1 and 2 Samuel using the style in Justice with Michael Sandel. I think it was okay for a style that was very difficult to do. I also did 1 Corinthians. This one, I've done it many times. Score easily for this one.
Band has improved enough. I will be moving to the Chinese service in 2011 to strengthen that side.
Worship study group went very well. We have completed teamwork and hospitality. We will now move on to Art.

3. Family and Personal life. I think family life went really well last year. The kids have grown a lot and I think they have a good understanding with me. We had a wonderful holiday in HK. Personally though, I've slacked. I think I was exhausted from all the "developing" over the years, and really needed a year to just slow down and laze around. I felt that I have not achieved any personal milestone, but then again I don't think I had the energy and drive last year to complete one.

New Year resolutions 2010 review
1 &2. Reading - bombed; music - bombed. I've devoted everything to resting and ministry needs.
3. Monthly family day. Not too bad. But more because of my wife's efforts than mine.
4. Sermon one week in advance. I would say that this is true for more than 50%. I'll count that as an absolute success.

New Year Resolutions for 2011
1. Restart reading habit for both office and home. Music practice? Well, I really wish to do this.
2. Finish the Yale lectures I'm interested in.
3. Family wise, I will spend sometime everyday for reading and games. I think half hour a day.

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