Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Peggy Noonan on Obama's recent speech

Link to "Obama Rises to the Challenge"

These are the important points I think I should take note:

1. "The speech had a proper height. It was large-spirited and dealt with big things. It was adroit and without rancor. The president didn't mourn, he inspirited. It began to turn when Mr. Obama started to make things concrete. Vaporous talk of victims turned into specific facts about real human beings"

2. "Throughout Mr. Obama's career, he has critiqued America and its leadership from an outsider's stance, from that of an intellectual relatively new to public life. His sound was all faculty lounge. In this speech he celebrated America, and in celebrating it, he aligned himself more closely with the values the American people most justly celebrate in themselves—instinctive courage, idealism, willingness to take the initiative"

3. "Here, deftly, he addressed the destructive media debate that followed the tragedy. But he approached the subject with compassion and sympathy.... In saying this, the president took the air out of all the accusations and counteraccusations. By the end of the speech they were yesterday's story."

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