Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Worship Evaluation Form

The Worship Evaluation Form

Date of service:
Worship Leader:
Sermon Speaker:

Criteria 1a: Is the service biblical/ Trinitarian/ covenantal/ dialogical? Did you learn something about God?

Criteria 1b: How is the Communal and Hospitality aspects of the worship expressed? Is it Embracing?

Criteria 1c: Which elements or words best promote a sense of the God’s presence and fellowship?

Criteria 2a: Is the theme clear and the transitions smooth? Can the congregation follow and engage themselves?

Criteria 2b: Was anything distracting or could be done differently?

Criteria 2c: Is there a good new/familiar balance? Contextual/ counter-cultural balance? Encouraging/ stretching balance?

Criteria 2d: Improvements on visual environment? Sound? Pace?

Criteria 3a: What words would you use to describe your experience of the service?

Criteria 3b: Do you have other suggestions?

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