Friday, June 25, 2010

He is worth the wait!

I have previously blogged about this new singer 韦礼安 February last year. After a good long wait, his album is finally released and I bough a copy of it at Gramophone. It was indeed worth the wait. These songs are all well written by himself and carry his passion for good music. They range from slow rock to light jazz to R&B. In a way, his style reminds me of David Tao. These are his two 主打歌.

This is the first one: 有没有

I immediately liked this one. It is good slow rock reminiscent of Gary Moore. And I knew I had to get this album which also includes 慢慢等 & 好天气 from the previous EP.

This is the second one: 因为爱

I was disappointed with this one the first time I heard it. It is not "unusual". Not unique. Just a normal chinese romantic song, I thought. Yet, now that I had the album, this is the song most favored by me and my wife. It's funny how this "simple" song really grows on you.

Highly recommended!

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