Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Voice of a Pastor

Since late September, we have been taking digital recordings of the church sermons and they are now available on the church website. After listening to a couple I now confirm what I've known for some time: I sound whiny. The truth is that I hear a different voice from what others hear from me, and I think this is common to most whose ears are more blocked. Think about how different you sound in a small bathroom and in an open field and you can imagine the difference in tone. All these times, I thought I was speaking with a baritone, but the reality is that people hear a squeaky tenor voice. So while I was trying to give a somber authoritative message, it lacks the punch that I thought I had. Here is a sample of my voice from my latest sermon.

I have asked a few people's opinion on the matter, and most say that they are rather used to the voice and don't think it is a big deal. However, I do think that the voice does impact the quality of the message for the listener. A statement of "Go Forth into the world" will be very different coming from the mouth of Elmo and Sean Connery. I found a webpage on this matter: How to develop a Perfect Speaking Voice. I'll try it out for a month and see how it goes.

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