Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Piano no Mori (The Piano Forest)

I am a fan of Anime feature movies, and the way I do my selection is via the award winners like Animation of the Year for the Japan Academy Prize. After I found out that the Piano Forest was one of the nominees for 2008, I bought it when it was on offer.

The story is about 2 boys with two different approaches to piano playing. One plays for fun, one plays with discipline. Like Sense and sensibility, eventually both learns the value in each other.

Teacher: Congratulations on qualifying. You rarely hear such highly accomplished piano playing.
Amamiya: Thank you very much. Do you think I could play the piano and move people like Kai-kun does? Will I be able to play like that some day?
Teacher: You need to learn to love your own piano-playing more.

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