Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Past, Present, Future

Everybody knows about the relativity of time. How sometimes time just sped by. How sometimes time slows to an intolerable crawl. I had a sermon just talking about time in respect to Jesus. I recently discovered that the best place that exemplify this wierd construct of time is in the world of webcomics.

In the world of webcomics, a slice of time is given in a page of comics. For some comics, time stood still. The characters like Charlie Brown are forever young. For others, they age with time, like Baby Blues. Even within a page, a story could be completed, or it could be a tiny fragment of a huge story.

I am currently reading Gunnerkrigg Court. It comes highly recommended, and it indeed lives up to its reputation. I sped through its archives within a sitting, and there is never a dull moment. It is a highly imaginative world that blends mythology, science and interesting characters. Yet, when I caught up to the present, I'm forced to wait patiently for the 3 times a week updates. The comic now moves at an unbearable pace. That seems to be so reflective of life. The past is less than a flicker, the present plodding slowly and the future totally unseen. If I have a remote control on life, would I want to fast forward? Would you?

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