Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Mentality of 10 vs. 1

This is yet another memorable scene from 善德女王. I am currently reviewing this serial that I've finished and capturing all the interesting scenes. In this scene, two fighters are preparing for their battle against one another. They are called BoJong and YuSin. They had only battled one another once before and BoJong lost to YuSin. This is a split scene whereby two conversations are going on at the same time. BoJong is talking to his friend ShiPin, and MiShil (BoJong's mother) is talking to YuSin.


(Color coded to differentiate the split scene.)
BoJong is practicing. ShiPin: What are you thinking about?
YuSin is also practicing, MiShil comes looking for him.
ShiPin: Are you thinking about your last battle with him? You were injured then.
BoJong: I lost not because I was injured. He was giving his all but I was not.
MiShil: The mentality of a person fighting against 10 others is different. The 10 has already lost because of their weaker mentality.
BoJong: The hand injury is not important. The importance is that I didn't give it my all the last time, but not YuSin. (note: He was fighting a lone YuSin with many others, and lost)
MiShil: BoJong is not weak, but very strong. I do not want to see a meaningless battle, but an evenly matched one. Also I do not want to be enemies with you.
BoJong: This time, I'm going to give it my all.

There is a difference in giving your all, and we all know that. But that is something we often missed in actual consideration. Have I given my all? Has my enemy given his all? Can this person give his all when needed and what would that be like? These are all questions we should think about more. Battles are often win or lost because of a difference in mentality. And this is why great strategists use mind games and working with the times (and timing) to get that extra psychological leverage.

Given the great difficulties and challenges a church has to face, knowing how and when to inspire is an important element of pastoral leadership. How do we assess this "give it your all" potential? How do we draw it out?

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