Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Bar of God

I promised myself there will be 1 reflection per week. If you are a regular reader, please leave a note so that I will be encouraged on this effort.

WoW4: Never lower the bar on your teachings

Jubilee youth ministry is unique in the sense that the objective of the teachings is to be incomprehensible. Human beings, especially youths are far more complex than we can ever imagine. In lowering the bar, we devalue the true essence of God's revelation and cheapen the cost of knowing him. In preparing for Romans, I consulted my old notes which is based on David C Cook. Then I read Max Lucado (In the Grip of Grace). Finally, I come to NT Wright's commentary. What a strange new world! If I had settled for any less than Wright's understanding, I would have done a great disservice to the youths. Guess what? They understood it perfectly well.


Vic said...

Thank you for not lowering your bar on teaching. I have always enjoyed your candid and insightful teachings, just like I've come to understand and enjoy Rev. Chang An's deep sermons and I find the steep learning curve all these years has helped me understand the bible and commentaries better than I would otherwise have. =)

Vic said...
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