Thursday, November 30, 2006

A minor update

Been busy with a new baby. Zechariah.

WoW5: Keeping things in Perspective

I am about to deliver a teaching that I feel passionately about. I am going in full of enthusiasm and hoping that it will be life-changing. In my mind, if it is not going to be impactful, why bother?

Then I remember the countless times where people sleep in my lessons. Those that didn't sleep, some showed no comprehension. Those that comprehended showed no excitement. Those that displayed enlightenment, forget about the lesson after a few days. Those that remembered forget them eventually. In short, how much impact can a teaching do anyway?

I came across a book called 100 speeches that changed the world. I've got to get hold of that book one day. But here is the sombering thought: those speakers probably gave a thousand speeches for one to be really life changing to anybody.

Nonetheless, we continue to do what we do anyway. Because for every teaching that makes a difference, it makes the thousand that didn't seemed worthwhile.


^Faith^ said...

Hmm.. if you're expecting a standing ovation or pats on the back after your teachings.. then i think that's close to impossible.. (unless you're like so and so from city harvest or new creation... and i'm glad you're not like them :)

I guess the impact from your teachings can't be seen immediately... in fact.. sad to say.. you may not ever have the chance to see it...

Because to me.. that impact is seen when that person tells a friend- most likely not in your presence... 'i remember my pastor saying that...and let me show you that verse from the bible to prove it...' The numerous 'pastor xiaohui said that... blah blah blah' that i've heard from pple in our church.. i guess you won't ever have the chance to hear.. :)

And of course.. the stuff you shared in your teachings.. in cell-grp or in youth... that I tell my friend and she happily goes and tell her mother... 'Faith's pastor said that...' you'll prob never know how much it meant to my friend and her mother.

The subtle imprints on each person's mind with every teaching you deliver... Even if people can't remember what you said word for know that it planted a seed in their minds.. and that seed needs time to grow...however small.. it's still a difference made to their lives, and to those around them.

You don't get to see the difference you made... but God does. :)


Siow Hwee said...

So I am never getting a standing ovation? Oh, thanks a lot. That just destroyed my entire purpose of teaching. :)

Note to self: remember to give Faith a standing ovation the next time she shares.

^Faith^ said...

Wahahaha... no thanks.. i don't need no standing ovation.

Hehe.. if u need more affirmation during your teaching.. u can try chc's way of training their congregation to clap or go 'Amen!' or 'Yes Lord!' at every phrase the speaker says...