Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beauty of Diverse Possibilities in Love Rain

In the Korean Drama Love Rain, it is a tale of a suspended loving relationship, restored after decades.  But unfortunately, the man's son and the women's daughter fell in love with one another.  How would this complicated situation end?

This is where I really want to commend the composer of two of the theme songs of this drama.  Listen carefully if you can spot the beauty of it.

My reflection: They both start the same but transformed differently in the middle, though with consistent chord progressions.  It is a reflection of the subject matter of the drama, and I think that's a brilliant touch.  It speaks of the diverse possibilities of life and life's beauty can indeed progress (and end) in many ways.

After much Googling, I think the composer is the same for both:  류원광  Ryu Won Hwang @cakeryu

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