Monday, March 02, 2009

On Movies II

I last commented on the type of preferred storytelling in this entry. While I like movies with a message, it must never be in your face. Strangely, by being more descriptive, the movie becomes more prescriptive because of its ability to convince. I am happy to note that Letters from Iwo Jima is one such movie done to perfection. Without the use of too more gore, the story is strangely shocking to its audience because the questions on war is always there. There is a quote in the movie that is craftily done:
" Do what is right because it's right"
This quote comes from a letter from a mother to an American captive. Yet it was the same order given from a Japanese officer to his soldiers.
Both the American and the Japanese soldiers are "doing what is right", the American is toppling Japanese imperialism, and the Japanese in defending against American invasion. Yet it is blatantly obvious that they are fighting against each other when both are trying to do "what is right".
Shocker, isn't it?

WoW38: Keep the question hanging there. The point will be driven through in the end.

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