Thursday, October 05, 2006

Words of Wisdom

Apparently, there is one person reading this blog. There are 2 implications.

1. I will have to be careful with dubious content in case I end up like Mark Foley.
2. I will actually make an effort to keep this blog updates often.

One thing I promised myself when I was thinking ages ago about starting a blog is that I will use it as a platform to anounce all my musings about daily life. Kind of like Proverbs. Only better. And Funnier. And MORE IRRELEVANT.

WoW 1: Worship is done by the people.

During the Middle Ages, worship is performed by the clergy, and for the masses attending mass, they are merely an audience to what the clergy is doing. One of the point of the Reformation is so that the people can participate in the worship itself. The people learn to read the bible in their language, they sing psalms they can understand, and they pray and participate in communion in words they would use.

Today, we make exegesis (bible interpretation) a skill that is exclusive to ministers, songs that are overly triumphanistic in contrast to the broken lives of the people, and with prayers and communion in bombastic words and jargons. Worship is performed by the clergy once again.

Time for a change. And to invite all to worship once again.

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