Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 Biblical "E"s

Everybody knows they refer to the Creation story of Eden, Eve and Evil.

Nah, just kidding, I just attended a youth leader conference, and the speaker states Equipping, Evangelism and Encouragment as the 3 basic Es of a church, and youth ministry in particular. Equipping should lead to Evangelism and Evangelism leads to Encouragement. All is done as a means to glorify God in the end.

WoW8: The importance of an Objective

Though it may appear to sound biblical, but most "results" are purely a matter of strategic management. In Jubilee, teachers go through great pains to bring the best Equipping with little result on the Evangelism. In some other equally respectable Church, dubious Equipping yield strong Evangelism impetus. (The speaker uses "Obedience requires Pain" to explain Circumcision. Cute but far out IMO.)

Why the difference? Objectives. If the youths have the impression that they are there to just learn something, (or worse to pass time), then no equipping will lead to evangelism. You just end up with lots of spiritual overweights with bigger and bigger diets. But if they know the purpose of equipping, then however little the spiritual food, it will be channelled towards strength in the right direction.

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